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Writer + Game Designer

Over a period of six years, I wrote a sword-and-snowshoe adventure novel set in a fantastical age of antiquity. Inspired by the 2011 Snowmageddon, and with a main character based off my badass older sister, it was my first foray into very-long fiction. If you like dogs, snow, and swords, you'll love this book!Order The Coldest Day of the Year from any of these sites:

Check out excerpts of my original TV pilot script and short stories I've written to be developed for screen:

I also design simple card games for big parties and tabletop roleplaying games for my fellow dice nerds:

Cover of my novel The Coldest Day of the Year, an ink illustration of a hillfort in the mountains under a crescent moon

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I recently finished the fourth draft of OTHER PEOPLE, a romantic spy thriller set in the world of LA's ravenous tech scene — John LeCarré meets SuccessionDownload the first 20 pages of the pilot script here:

And... I've been writing short stories of TV show pitches. So if you'd like to read what are essentially prose forms of pilots, click here:

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Gone to Feed the Roses

A St. Louis columnist aids her police detective ex-husband in hunting a local strangler.

City of Wind

A blue-collar dystopian sci-fi of cloned human mulch farmers in an alternate reality 1990s Chicago.

Nor the Furious Winter's Rages

A short prose version of a feature-length, anti-western blood feud across the prairie of 1800s Illinois.

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Thanks for checking out my portfolio. I'm actively seeking literary representation. If you have the ability to help me down the road, I'd appreciate it.Nothing cheers up an indie artist like a total stranger sending fan mail. Feel free to use the contact form below to say hello!

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Thank you

It means the world to me anytime somebody takes a moment to talk to me about my work, even a critique is a blessing.You'll see this before I see your message, so let me just say in this instant—from a keyboard in the past, on behalf of myself in your future—I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day, friend!

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